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Complex conveniences

Upward mobility

Separated families

National fragility

We look for more

We long for less

The new things existence

Drives constant discontentment

Modern problems

Working so hard to relax

Driven to distraction

Simple living seems hard to capture

Each new object

To set our affections

Places to go

Never ending attractions

Be and do and see and explore

The eyes of man are never satisfied

They lust for more

And more and more

Chasing wind

Pushing ahead

Exploring exploration

Is there anything left?

Taste refines

Expenses rise

Comforts lure can draw compromise

Is the quiet life possible

In the endless big top show

Opting out seems out of reach

The claws of modernity’s seep

Grasp us all, brings us to our knees


After almost 3 years on “The Book”, Facebook, that is. I am taking a self-imposed hiatus to focus myself on hearing from God for vision and direction. Time to be more still, and quiet and to channel some of my energies into other writing projects and to make sure I am getting enough time at the gym and on the track.

Face it, I love Facebook, because Facebook =People and details, both of which I sincerely enjoy.  For me, I can say FB has been almost all positive and I think it will be again, it has opened many portals of relationship and a chance to bounce some thoughts off of a diverse group of people with oftentimes almost immediate feedback.  For someone with my personality profile, FB offers tremendous and unlimited access to people, what is not to love :-)? So, for me, it really will be a “fast” of sorts and I am pretty certain to have some sort of withdrawal symptoms. My family, and a few of my friends will be sure to tease me about it.

We have also unplugged and moved our television set and plan to cancel things like Netflix for a time, so the drain is going to be pretty massive. I think we might actually finish some of our read-aloud books, and play some Scrabble.

If you want to touch base, send me an e-mail,  or if you have my number, a text message, or GASP, call me, or stop by and have a cup of tea, really. Perhaps a game of cards or Scrabble?

In the meantime, I plan to blog, so check in and see what comes of my quiet. I know I will miss you.