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When did life become an ongoing production complete with costumes and props
When did church become a worship “experience” instead of a community for relationships and a place to rest from the war
When did education become all about the presentation or the test to show off all you crammed into your head
Only to drop it out in relief when you are allowed to take a breath
Everyones hustling, busting their butts, to get to the next event
We even pay money to get t-shirt’s to show that we run for fun
We wear stacks of plastic bracelets to promote each cause
The show goes on and on and on
It’s like we are always auditioning for the next step up
Being evaluated to see if we can make the cut
Every meal, every visit to the gym, every trip to a church building
If your not going vertical, or if you are content, someone is gonna be looking to knock you off, take your market share
Keep your game up, don’t leave the stage
Or somebody’s right there to take your place
Leave you on the outside, factionless, underpaid


Stressors are going to come.

Each of us have the choice how we will respond.

A gentle answer turns away wrath, a kind word breaks the bone of contention.

A calm demeanor in the face of pressure brings peace to the situation.

Saying no, in a mild, yet unmoving way, will express more clarity and strength than an an anxiety filled screech.

If you stand your ground on theĀ things that really matter and let the rest go, there will be fewer moments of conflict and you will reduce your opportunities for clashes which increase pressure on everyone involved.

If those around you want to live at a pace that makes you uncomfortable, keep your own tempo and they will either walk on without you or slow down or speed up to stay in your company, the same is true if you want to walk with someone else who is ticking on a different timetable.

Adjustments are required in every relationship, discover which ones you can truly make, and be honest about those you cannot without comprising your core.

Be at peace with who God made you to be and make the most of all He gives.