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Start to run
Shoe comes untied
Good intention wants to melt
Going in a strong direction
Met by a wailing wind
Pushing hard against the grain left in me
Words of doubt intentionally mean
Grind my head in disbelief
Pavement pounding
Each step distance from defeat
The devil inside of mortal mouths
Speaking lies that tear at innocent identity
Spit the poison
Swallow truths anecdote
Jump in the water pull arms and legs into strong strokes
Overcoming an everyday affair
Once you come out the gates of life
The enemies see you as fair game
Gain strength
Protect the weak
Keep your soul covered
Stay low
Push back
Survival favors the meek


It’s how we get through the struggles in our heads, troubles to our hearts and keep the rubble of our flesh over the course of life. Pain pierces us, anxiety seeks to plague, pleasure wants to master our bodies and keep us bound to its tether. Walk free, be entangled by nothing but loves beautiful sacrifices , offered from a soul cleaned by grace and strengthened with truth .