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The world seems unsafe

Pillars around fall

What to cling to in the waste

When things are shaken

We see where weakness lies

Uncovered, we want to find

A place to shelter and hide

Long journey

Hard war

All around comrades fall

Other injured warriors come to call

Cling together for a time

Hold up, get well

Back out to the front line

Places of refuge

Houses of safety

To rest and get nourishment and healing

To find stillness, to feel peace

In the world of harsh realities

Come so fast, pace furious

Wholeness eludes some

Though they want it so badly

Take care soldiers

Watch and guard

Protect your heart and soul and mind

Do not give aid to the enemy

In taking you down, by weakening yourself

Gird up, be strong in the power given by One

Resist the temptations to slack,

The game is always on

Take the shelter that is given with love

Keep your face turned toward the City to come

Lock arms with those who share your cause

Yet take care even then to know whose you are

The only real place of security and safety

Is in the center of the places He places you

It may be in the heat of a firefight

Or around enemies with deception

And intentions sharper than knives

You make take friendly fire that cuts to the core

Questions will come like jabberjay’s

To press you into insanity


You. Must, Get, Up.
Must. Go. On.

Someone is depending on what you have

To stay in the throng

Remember who the real enemy is

It is not your family

Nor your lover, nor your friends

It’s not your church

Or your past or your lack of anything

There is a false leader roaming the earth

Seeking to oppress and incapacitate with hurt

The goal is to take you out

With pleasure or with bitterness or with greed or with doubt

He will send anything to get up in your head

Or to keep you tied to sin’s bed’s

He has tricks

But there is a flaw in his system

A warble in the force field

If you look, you can see it shaking

And you can shoot it

He is a liar and a thief

And this is not his Kingdom
He is only ruling as people let him

So fight, stay in the mix, help the weak

Care for the sick

Keep your mind sharp in the truth

Don’t let him gain advantage over you

This is a battle

This is a war

Stay geared up

Sword always ready to be drawn.