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Life is a mix of happy and sad

Sometimes just walking through the market you meet

Them both and they seem to slap your face

While grasping each other’s hands

Recovering from the dumps and keeping a joyful


Is the mysterious formula we must find to succeed to

Avoid lingering too long in lament

To manage the stressors and true hard breaks

Return our souls to the center of joy

In the face of difficulty and pain and toil

Sorrow cannot always be avoided

Nor trouble eliminated

No matter how many management techniques we use to

Try to escape it

Finding the way to be content and at peace

Amidst the struggle and heartbreak

Daily grinding us towards defeat

Keeping eyes fixed on the promise

When the aches are real

When the little foxes in the vineyard

Nip away and seek to steal

Hope spring eternal

Love overcome

Yet be true to express the sadness

So healing’s arms can warm us up

Honesty is a step on the staircase to wholeness

Sharing the burden is the design meant to enfold


Not everyone’s Christmas is merry or bright
Lively or cheerful, or even full of life
For some, it is sad, a reminder of things lost
The heart misses what once was
Or things which have never come
Into the world of sorrow and toil
Sadness and sighing
Came God down
To meet man’s suffering
To fill the empty holes
Gaping and wounded
Hearts broken, sad souls
It is in the broken places
The loss
That the gift most needful
Is unconditioned love

No need to pretend all is well
When it is not
False fronts mean nothing
When what’s best is truths touch
Poor children are we all
No matter what we posses
Without the gift of eternal life
All of this is for show and to fill the hole
That stays empty in our chest
If your heart is sad at any season
Best to be real and honest
Let people know you are bleeding
Accept the love given and the warmth as best you can receive it
There is hope, even in pain
That’s the reason for Jesus, the truth of why He came
To bring peace into our chaos
To show us how to navigate difficulty and loss 
To be near us in the dark times
To help 
To love