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Everything’s an Empire

Organizational overload

People at the top

Others stalk the Inner Circle

Somebody has to support it

Peons around the edge

Getting the filter down of the scraps

From the table of the elite

You climb to the summit

Look out from the vista

See the others coming

Clinging to the ledges

Not everyone wants to make the climb

The ones that do cannot understand why

Anyone would be content to stay on a lower rung

Enjoying the view, sitting in the shade or lying in the sun

With shock they tell you if only you would be more diligent

You too could push your way into a better group

Or a sphere of knowledge or core of “the trained” that will make you superior to those lesser fit than you

Someone has to pay the freight up and down the hill

Sometimes its’ those on the bottom, other times in the middle

Those at the top, pay another price, on the way up and if they fall down

Sleepless nights trying to keep their place from being taken by a marauder looking to be King of the Hill