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unbelief seems sexier

doubters are hip

living on the edge of nothing

the cool, cool trend

those who once believed

say they are not so sure

perhaps taking a shot

watching a film with little plot

they think will be the cure

a dumpier neighborhood

on the other side of the world

if only we can fix that

give away 10,000 shoes

dig a ditch, pull a child away from making bricks

injustice gets under the skin

the things they don’t want to do


again and again

so turn this way and that

wrestle with self, where’s the fun in that

fighting the good fight

left behind

in favor of a solution

that seems to leave no one out

misery, good company

head to the party

drown the sorrows of the world

in a dance of reverie

or perhaps in a series of symposiums

well attended by the brightest minds

halls filled with fools who are blind leading blind