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Into the story stepped down
One who can heal and make well
The pains and sorrows that dwell
Behind even the happiest moments
No life is free from tragedy
Perfection is no ones reality
The trappings of wealth may cover a childhood bereft of love
Abuse behind closed doors may create a performer
People who hide in the corner may feel unable to be themselves
Having been told they are not worth the time
In this, God knew, the cruelty inherent in man’s ways
The balance of freedom to choose, love and hatred
At times it can seem impossible that a powerful Creator
Can let things seem so out of control when surely He could change it
Allowing His children to brutally kill and die and live scarred and broken
Offering the balm of future hope can seem pale and distant when the heart cries for redemption in the moment
Into this vacuum of wondering where and why we ponder
As tears fly down or are held in
Questioning, this existence, the nature of everything we wonder
How can it be
Why is it this way
Can we not speed up the process to outrun the pain
Answers are not always what we wish
As the sculpting of our identity requires stripping
The lies and the layers we put on to protect us
He demands raw, reality nothing left but our nakedness
He came that way, stripped bare of His wealth, made Himself a victim of man’s misery and plays for power and selfishness
He became a pawn in politics, He was the scapegoat and took the fall
He suffered loneliness and rejection from family, betrayal from those close to His soul
Never took the love of the flesh for comfort, did not bear a natural child
Had to leave His mother alone in the earth, felt the sting of a friends denials
Was surely called a bastard and worse, mocked by the leaders of His community and cursed
This is the story of Christmas 
This is more than a man on a sleigh
This is the truth of a God who was borne to be slain
It is bittersweet, this tale
It is heart wrenching to understand
The trials He suffered for the sins of all men
So, hope we must, for it is our only hope
No placebo or stuffed stocking can take away the void
In every heart longing for true home