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Such a beautiful tableau imagined
The palette of the picture so pure
The colors designed elegantly
Over many years the image emerged
The frame was hanging in the gallery
Awaiting the finished work
The guards were on their lunch break
Eating sandwiches and cups of perk
When they heard the artists quarreling
O’re how to fill in the blank spaces
That needed just a little more paint here and there on the canvas
Into the spacious loft they rushed to see what was going on
The masterpieces long awaited,
Were scheduled soon to be hung
Oh NO, they blinked, not believing their eyes
How can this have happened so close to opening night
The pictures meant to be blended into a single frame
Were now separated and lying still instead of animated
Paint all over the floor, flung up on the walls
Tattered pieces of paper thrown down on the ground
Faces flushed, tempers flared
Hearts in flux, sorrow in the air
For a moment it seemed possible that
It could still be fixed,
If only the right thing could be said or done or perhaps a magic kiss
No wand was raised, no enchanted sword came to cut the thick air
No words could mend the thoughts in the heads or the things already sunk in from the painful exchange which happened there
So the guards cleared the room, took the paintings away
Each to a loft to be finished for another display
Beautiful still, and more every day, surely to be completed and set in another pair of frames
The Master artist must be trusted for these others were merely His bond slaves
Flawed in their understanding, yet trying the best to paint by numbers in their way
No piece of beauty wasted by the Commissioner of the Arts
No heart ache unmeasured or unseen by God
All will be blended into the new work
All will be seen, the tapestry of hurt
Mixed with such beauty as the true colors become brighter
As sorrow brings out joy never understood until tempered by the fire.