Hey, Is this thing on? Tap, tap. 

Ahem. Long pause.

If this works, I will take it as a sign.


Will You leave me undone?

Not Resolved?

Weary in trying to reach

The Place

Where rest comes.


Tension built

To attain

Never fulfilled

Will pain

Be the end

Of good intention?


Your promise is

To complete the work


The intimacy


Your hands in the heart

Creates breath in lungs

Not stopped or trapped.

Cimatic plans reach fulfillment

In the end.

This is not a lonely quest.

You move in community

Bringing together

The needful elements

Creating the purposes of Your heart inside ours.

Those who yield to growth

See not as unfinished

Process is progress

Time is a friend

Not the enemy

In context of Your reality.

What’s it take to land on your feet
No matter where life leads
Be it town or city
Jungle of fields strung together
Tenement filled with crime or the clutter of suburban sprawled malls
Joy in the bucket of the soul
People to share in life
Appreciation for the simple things
Recognizing the moments when Divine breaks in
Getting over
Getting on
Coming through whatever comes along
Life is better shared with people who enjoy you
Rest and quiet
Doing good where good can be done
Laying aside the hindering past
Let your joy be full in the presence of Love
God means it to be good
This story

The heart needs a safe circle
With those in it whom wish it well
To care and love and do good to one another
Sharing the joys and blows
It’s a moving thing
The sphere of trust
Friends move in and out during the seasons tumults
Few stay as near as we wish
For life pushes us with time and distance
When we realize a page had turned
Hearts still care
Yet clearly things are different
We can be thankful for each moment shared
Look with expectancy for the new possibilities ahead
With gratitude knowing that if we stay open and willing
In time our circle will again be joined
By the friends we can walk with through what lies ahead

Start to run
Shoe comes untied
Good intention wants to melt
Going in a strong direction
Met by a wailing wind
Pushing hard against the grain left in me
Words of doubt intentionally mean
Grind my head in disbelief
Pavement pounding
Each step distance from defeat
The devil inside of mortal mouths
Speaking lies that tear at innocent identity
Spit the poison
Swallow truths anecdote
Jump in the water pull arms and legs into strong strokes
Overcoming an everyday affair
Once you come out the gates of life
The enemies see you as fair game
Gain strength
Protect the weak
Keep your soul covered
Stay low
Push back
Survival favors the meek