The Kingdom

January 1, 2016

It is wisdom that I seek, in all the doings of life, in pursuit of Christ, in speech, in relationships, in investment of time and energy.

The world spins, daily people fall into darkness and error and failings, moral and financial. For the want of wisdom, the best laid plans come undone.

She is there, Wisdom, crying out in the streets, on every corner, begging a listen amidst the many voices, distractions seeking the souls of the simple and the slack.

Turning away from truth, or a complacent pursuit of the knowledge of God brings death. The fruit of poor choices and neglecting to listen when the words of life are spoken, cause many to spiral and lose footing.

In days of calamity and fear on every side, Wisdom speaks:

“Whoever listens to me, will dwell securely and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.” Proverbs 1:33

Is there anything more valuable, is this not what everyone seeks, through acquisition of wealth or alliance or battalions of armed guards and walls around borders, trusted counselors to keep confidences and laws to protect the labors of mind and hands from enemies?

Seeking and keeping the teachings of God will lengthen days and give peace and favor, healing and refreshment.

A house of wisdom is established in peace and the dwelling of the righteous is blessed.


What is the price to move on up
To the Room with a View
Overlooking a body of water,
Or a lodge where the river runs through?
Will a soul be sold to sit in a box above a field of play
To taste higher quality food,
Walk in better brands of shoes?
To access seats at the tables of power
Lie between silk sheets,
Take part in meetings with sheiks.
Climbers who scale the social strata
Some with work and ideas,
Others with leveraged beauty
Words of cleverness bending the right ears.
Is the hustle worth it?
Or is contentment with a simple life under encouraged?
Seek your passions!
Take what you can!
Grab the golden ring and hold on to all you have!
Those who become rich or who seek it’s pleasure, fall into the temptations of fear
Of falling back into places of non-existence in the courts of power filled men
Or being forced into the drudgery of frugal livings lowly din
Snares, snares like drums pound away in the mind
Drawing those beats and hearts away from the central principles of life.

This culture we’ve created values loud
Rude and arrogant
Violence created to control the crowd
Shouts and harsh lashes for children
Replacing gentleness
For it takes too long
Throw the feed in the cattle car
Everyone get on
If you are different or a resistor
Better shut it or move along
Buck the system
There are places for people like you
Don’t let the door hit you as you leave
Majority rules
Too scared to speak
If you do, will you be with those cast out of false community
Friends show they are not as close as they seemed
When to stand with you, means they might have to go to the leper colony
Cold cruel world
Hate for innocents to feel that pain so young
The hand of tyranny
Pain doled out by those themselves hurting
Wisdom only comes from understanding
Nothing more precious
The price of it is steep
Gained through tears and piercing

Where are my people
Among whom I feel at peace
Free to be fully myself
Understood implicitly
Belonging in their midst
Even in differences
Where are my people Oh God?
I have lived among many groups
I have observed the ways
Adapted and been outside circles impossible to go in more than a pace
It’s not only them saying “You are not from around here”,
“We don’t understand who you are”, ”
“You are not good enough, or you are too good, for us.”
To accept you authentically would mean
We would have to stop being struck down or stuck up.
It is the culture, the customs, the ideals, subtle and wide, that separate the human family from hearts bonding Divinely.
When can I rest among those of my kind?
In a world where some move and many stay
To be entrenched alone among old generations
I feel for the immigrant, the outsider, the foreigner in the midst
Who is never allowed to quite fit even if they join and serve and give
My people are Your people, yet,
There are still veils, layers and walls unable to be scaled
Is this Your way Oh God, part of Your plan
To make those left in the outer court long for heaven?
Show me where you are in this deportation, on the path of Gypsies and Pilgrims and those displaced
Show me where You are on this trail of tears, You who were outcast, despised and shut out by your peers

To know you are loved

To be secure and safe from threat of harm or violation

To be known and to know others deeply in truth

To be real and authentic about where you are on the journey

To trust

To be trusted

To be allowed to mature at the proper pace

To find acceptance in weakness

To be encouraged to grow

To learn to thrive

To share wisdom and grow in grace

To keep company with both the strong and the weak

To have enough and be willing to share

To work with diligence in the areas you are called

To pour out goodness and kindness from a filled heart

To abide in peace that defies understanding

To act with compassion towards the undeserving

To acknowledge your need to both give and receive all of these
To take time to rest and receive restoration.
To love and acknowledge God’s proper place in life


Because each is a piece of wholeness
Love’s energy pushes us beyond survival

Being in a connected relationship with the Creator of all

Formed through the gift of sacrifice and grace offered freely

While engaging in bonded ties with those who are also created

To be loved and known and treated with esteem

This is the full life God desires and designed for us

It is for all of this that God came to show us how to live and love

This is what Jesus longs to give to us

This is what we should aspire to liveImage

We all wanna help the poor
As long as we can stay rich
Happy to cross the tracks to spend the day
Or the week or an adventurous year
Take photos of building wells or cleaning a wound
Learn enough language to safely consume the best local food
Read a book to orphans and kids living as slaves to the streets
Head back to our indoor plumbing
Universities with state of the art fitness facilities
Corporations partner in uneven exchange with people growing seeds in developing economies and finishing the edges of our jeans
While we eat the finest wheat and organic beef
Closets filled with entire garment districts and novelties
Every consumer wants those goods cheap
We give a little in the plate to provide starving people with beans and watery maize
To keep the competition in the earth chugging to feed all our pleasures on the backs of the poor living beneath the lines
We never want to fall below
We all wanna help the poor as long as we can stay rich
Sacrifice sounds noble as long as it doesn’t hurt our bottom line
Eating the rich is not the answer to kindness to the poor who will always be
It comes down to opening the heart and mind to true generosity
Knowing when enough becomes too much
Reaching down deep and saying no to one more thing for self
Giving a hand up and even sometimes a hand out to the millions reaching for a little more dignity

Everything’s an Empire

Organizational overload

People at the top

Others stalk the Inner Circle

Somebody has to support it

Peons around the edge

Getting the filter down of the scraps

From the table of the elite

You climb to the summit

Look out from the vista

See the others coming

Clinging to the ledges

Not everyone wants to make the climb

The ones that do cannot understand why

Anyone would be content to stay on a lower rung

Enjoying the view, sitting in the shade or lying in the sun

With shock they tell you if only you would be more diligent

You too could push your way into a better group

Or a sphere of knowledge or core of “the trained” that will make you superior to those lesser fit than you

Someone has to pay the freight up and down the hill

Sometimes its’ those on the bottom, other times in the middle

Those at the top, pay another price, on the way up and if they fall down

Sleepless nights trying to keep their place from being taken by a marauder looking to be King of the Hill