Monthly Archives: September 2014

Start to run
Shoe comes untied
Good intention wants to melt
Going in a strong direction
Met by a wailing wind
Pushing hard against the grain left in me
Words of doubt intentionally mean
Grind my head in disbelief
Pavement pounding
Each step distance from defeat
The devil inside of mortal mouths
Speaking lies that tear at innocent identity
Spit the poison
Swallow truths anecdote
Jump in the water pull arms and legs into strong strokes
Overcoming an everyday affair
Once you come out the gates of life
The enemies see you as fair game
Gain strength
Protect the weak
Keep your soul covered
Stay low
Push back
Survival favors the meek


This culture we’ve created values loud
Rude and arrogant
Violence created to control the crowd
Shouts and harsh lashes for children
Replacing gentleness
For it takes too long
Throw the feed in the cattle car
Everyone get on
If you are different or a resistor
Better shut it or move along
Buck the system
There are places for people like you
Don’t let the door hit you as you leave
Majority rules
Too scared to speak
If you do, will you be with those cast out of false community
Friends show they are not as close as they seemed
When to stand with you, means they might have to go to the leper colony
Cold cruel world
Hate for innocents to feel that pain so young
The hand of tyranny
Pain doled out by those themselves hurting
Wisdom only comes from understanding
Nothing more precious
The price of it is steep
Gained through tears and piercing

Too little too late
Nothing at all
Gaps of kindness
Throw it into
A free fall
Once the words are spoken
The look of disregard
Neglect, failure to see
It can blast a chasm so wide
Or erode a natural bridge
Meant to uphold many feet
Back turns
Door locks
Key thrown into the canyon or buried at sea
Knowing the truth sets you free
Once you have walked away
Looking back holds no possibility

We live in a day
No matter what you say
Someone is gonna jump down your throat
Tell you your wrong
Dissect your words
Read in between lines that aren’t even drawn
If you stand up for what is right
Or share your heart
There will be a hater nearby
Or someone writing to you from afar
It may be a friend
Or a friend of an acquaintance
Having a bad day or just looking to vent anger
They may not know your story
Those who do, may not care
As long as they get to have some time on the air
So speak your piece in peace
Stand for what you believe
Be kind to those who oppose
Yet, don’t be afraid to call foul or be a referee
If the dissenter is foolish, or off the mark,
If they just want an argument to hear the sound of their own voice.
Or to see their words in print, opposing yours
Flee away, don’t waste your breath or the stroke of the key
Let your words of graciousness
Be what you are remembered for in the age of too much speech.

“When there are many words, transgression is unavoidable,
But he who restrains his lips is wise.” Proverbs 10:19