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Where are my people
Among whom I feel at peace
Free to be fully myself
Understood implicitly
Belonging in their midst
Even in differences
Where are my people Oh God?
I have lived among many groups
I have observed the ways
Adapted and been outside circles impossible to go in more than a pace
It’s not only them saying “You are not from around here”,
“We don’t understand who you are”, ”
“You are not good enough, or you are too good, for us.”
To accept you authentically would mean
We would have to stop being struck down or stuck up.
It is the culture, the customs, the ideals, subtle and wide, that separate the human family from hearts bonding Divinely.
When can I rest among those of my kind?
In a world where some move and many stay
To be entrenched alone among old generations
I feel for the immigrant, the outsider, the foreigner in the midst
Who is never allowed to quite fit even if they join and serve and give
My people are Your people, yet,
There are still veils, layers and walls unable to be scaled
Is this Your way Oh God, part of Your plan
To make those left in the outer court long for heaven?
Show me where you are in this deportation, on the path of Gypsies and Pilgrims and those displaced
Show me where You are on this trail of tears, You who were outcast, despised and shut out by your peers


This is from my Facebook Page. Hope it encourages you.- Sherry

One of my friends shared a “status” today about the struggle of dark thoughts coming in to crowd out the desire to live, Even people who have amazing lives, great families and many reasons for joy, can have moments where leaving this life and going on the the next is an overwhelming struggle. The promise of heaven can be as much a temptation to depart this life for those who believe it will be exponentially better, as the doubt that it matters at all for those who do not believe in a meaningful afterlife.

For those who have placed faith in Jesus and who are looking for that blessed and eternal hope, the fact that sometimes dark thoughts come, and even the desire to be done with this life can seem horrible and sinful. I think many people hide in that place of struggle, and it is that fear of sharing the truth, that sometimes the darkness crowds in and presses strongly even against those who love God and have faith, that pushes some people to end their lives themselves or to linger for many years alone, in fear of admitting what they are dealing with.
I will openly say that I am familiar with that pressing darkness and it is not something to be ashamed of, but rather something to look to the Lord for and to be willing to acknowledge that, as they say, “the struggle is real”.

Here are the brief thoughts I shared with my friend this morning:

I think we all experience this feeling of darkness at some time. Even Paul said he wanted to live for the sake of others, but as for himself he would rather be done with life and go on to the next. Sometimes in spots, living feels more like dying as we lay ourselves down for the sake of those we love, when our own lives seem less worth living. As hardships come, and loss, and difficulty, it can seem that the small, fleeting pleasures of this life, even those that are amazing, like the dear love of a spouse and the treasures of a precious family, are very pale when dark moments cloud us and the longing for the next life, free of pain, can press in very strongly. I think God allows us moments or even seasons of feeling this way, so we will reach for Him in a deeper way, and lean into His arms of strength and compassion.

Yet, He does not want darkness or death to overtake us, nor for us to linger in despair or sorrow. He tells us to “be of good cheer” to remind us that He has already overcome this world and it’s sadness and wearisome toil. The time we spend both laboring and weeping here will be nothing in comparison to the eternal pleasures we will experience at His right hand!

If a wave of dark presses against our minds and taunts us with the false temptation that we should be the one to choose our own time to “change spaces” to the easier life that heaven allures us with, we know we must resist, for God alone determines the number of our days, and if He has us here on earth, it is for His purposes and glory, and our preparation to enter His presence.

If the dark thoughts come, better to be open and to share them with those who care and who can help us gain perspective and find ways to return to the joyful state God has created us to live in. When things remain hidden in the darkness, they cannot be healed and overcome, it is by living in the light, that we can be restored to truth.

Can time tear the heart from it’s mooring
Life’s weariness break the bonds of an intentional love story
Is there rest when ripping winds
Pull through the sails, the bow bending
Waves come across so stern
Voices of moments past crying out
Good times and bad all merge in chorus
Will the memories hold together against tides relentlessness
The salty water of prayer filled tears fall on the deck
Preserving the lives of those on the ship
When it leans again into the break
Still intact
The passengers clinging to the mast
Holding on below
Praying that hull won’t crack
Sick on the sea sometimes
The ride is rough
Then from the midst of the tempest
Comes the voice of peace
Saying “Be still, Divine love can calm the wildest sea.”