Sleeping In Fields

We build our houses of brick and steel
Glass and doors with locks as shields
Structures as fortresses to hold us safe
Yet there is a sweetness to sleeping in tents in fields
With the simplest of needs met and fresh air and open space surrounding us
Removed from the drudge of keeping up appearances
Filling our lungs and clearing our minds from the clutter of maintaining
Our home place we fill with possessions and comforts
Then we spend all our time fighting to protect and shuffle them
Position brings security, we climb another level our money keeping us afloat like a battleship
In a minute our neighbors could be the wolves at the door
Be they near, or far, shifting to tip the world in their favor
The pressure of life to compete and change, diversify our portfolios, stay in the game
We fight the fear of having to live in a tent or a small space where life is basic
Yet the minute we can, many run and escape to it


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