We All Wanna Help The Poor, As Long As We Can Stay Rich

We all wanna help the poor
As long as we can stay rich
Happy to cross the tracks to spend the day
Or the week or an adventurous year
Take photos of building wells or cleaning a wound
Learn enough language to safely consume the best local food
Read a book to orphans and kids living as slaves to the streets
Head back to our indoor plumbing
Universities with state of the art fitness facilities
Corporations partner in uneven exchange with people growing seeds in developing economies and finishing the edges of our jeans
While we eat the finest wheat and organic beef
Closets filled with entire garment districts and novelties
Every consumer wants those goods cheap
We give a little in the plate to provide starving people with beans and watery maize
To keep the competition in the earth chugging to feed all our pleasures on the backs of the poor living beneath the lines
We never want to fall below
We all wanna help the poor as long as we can stay rich
Sacrifice sounds noble as long as it doesn’t hurt our bottom line
Eating the rich is not the answer to kindness to the poor who will always be
It comes down to opening the heart and mind to true generosity
Knowing when enough becomes too much
Reaching down deep and saying no to one more thing for self
Giving a hand up and even sometimes a hand out to the millions reaching for a little more dignity


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