Monthly Archives: February 2014

It’s such a mean world, be nice, be kind, don’t ever pick on the weaker man in word or deed. Find someone to encourage, look out for awkward people. Don’t mock people who are trying, even if their best looks weak to your eyes. Stop mean people in their tracks, never join them or approve of their cruel ways. Never make a joke at someone else’e expense or tear another person down to prop yourself up. The world is too hardened and life too long to waste any time hurting people or to take cheap shots. Watch out for the vulnerable and never let a bully have their way, not even once, or they will taste the power of victimizing someone or making fun, and that bile will eventually spill out and corrupt those who participate by not standing against it.


Don’t mistake your first crush for your real love
Don’t let one that got away get in the way of the one who will stay
Don’t let a bruise that smarts stop you from living whole hearted
Don’t let rejection keep you so self-protected
Don’t wait too long, don’t rush in too soon
Don’t be afraid of loves binding you
Do guard yourself against lesser passions
Do value the gifts you possess, you are smashing
Do take time to know yourself
Do open your eyes to love’s possibilities around you
Don’t get caught up in one type
Be flexible enough to let God give you what’s right
Do wait for the one who will be true and save the best of yourself
You will never regret not being foolish or holding out