Monthly Archives: November 2013

When you take time to make peace with the past

It can’t hurt you no more

If you take the skeletons out and bury them well

Those bones can’t rise up and haunt your head

Cause the past is gone, its over, done and dead
If you try to raise it

You kill the good of now

Strand yourself while the lifeboat passes

Too busy panning for fools’ gold

Wrestling too long with the past can

Keep your heart from being made new

Shut the doors God opens to you

If you can settle your scores with yourself

Forgive others faults and choose to go on

That leaves you to combat futures fears

They want to blow your mind

To keep you fretting about what you may or may not might find

Worrying about tomorrow when today is all you have

Robbing minutes from the hour

Takes the winks from your sleep

24  times 60 

A thousand and a half ticks

Gone in a blink

Why waste them on what can’t be undone

Or the days ahead that may never come

Each day has trouble enough

Anyone who is alive knows that

Days may get easier or times may get bad

Today is here, the big and small hands

Spinning as you read

We need grace, and it is given
 To make it through each pie piece on the clocks grid

Love who is near, remember those gone on

Take joy where you can, on this day, with the people

Who are in your life now, God knows what He’s doing