Fish Out of Water Can’t Swim

Fish out of water can’t swim
No retrofitted fins can take you through a cotton field
If you were born for the sea
Gills dry up with nothing to breathe
Mountain lions in a cage at a zoo
Will never show how they can climb truly
No matter how many features you build
To display them for the paying public to oogle
Country boy stuck on a subway
Dressed in slick shoes
Eating fancy meals like sushi
When he was made for a Chevy and boots and the SEC
Socialites left out in the sticks with no parties to organize
No manicures to get, no fancy hairdo’s
Writers with no pens or places to publish
Artists without canvas or galleries
Hoarders without rubbish
Grounded pilots
Mechanics separated from tools
A preacher without a bible or a pulpit or lost souls
Man without woman
Child taken from its mother
Feeling out of place
Searching for comfort
A vet with no animals
A farmer without seed
A skier in the desert
When it’s 100 degrees
A swimmer in the tundra
Covered in layers of fluffy nonsense
For someone
Who only wants a spandex suit
To move freely in water
The teacher with no pupils
Or none who will listen
An extrovert on a island with no one but Wilson
The quiet child in a room full of noise
And banter and overstimulating toys
A runner stuck on a treadmill
Longing for the road or a track or a course with hills
The musician who goes deaf but still writes the 9th
Putting voices in to sing about the Joy of the Creator
Love and kisses and conquering hatred
Every soul is striving to be it’s best
To find the place to draw life and give it
When stifling circumstances and squelched dreams seek to kill
The human spirit drives to find a place where it can fulfill
Purpose and design
What one was made for in this life
The salmon swims against the current
As it was born to spawn and die
So we all are pushing to the place
Where what we are created to be can be displayed.

– Sherry Carlstrom
October, 2013


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