Do what you do, love what you love, surely that will be enough

If I do what I do and love what I love

Will that surely be enough?


If I am what I am

Who I was made to be

In all of my beautiful intricacies


To the best of my best

Whether I am ever well known

Or remain in a state of concealment, or alone.


If I do what I love, from the heart of my heart

Does it matter if I am rewarded or lauded,

Need I be paid or famed or applauded?


When passion is found, for the things we esteem

Important, worthy, life giving, redeeming

Should we not into them ourselves throw

Fully, completely, sowing  our most?


Find what is is, that you would do for free

With zeal and love and all of your being

Do that thing with all of your heart

Surely in the end that will be enough.


Sherry Carlstrom

July 13, 2011

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