A True Gentle Man

What is the heart of a True Gentle Man?

A gentle man he cares for the heart

He is tender and wise, he is generous and kind.

He thinks of the feelings of those entrusted to his care

Working hard and diligently, he is even tempered and fair

He provides what is needed and looks ahead to protect

Not only the heart, but all of the rest

A man of manner is not just one who does things for show

Opening doors with zeal and bowing low

If it is only honor for the code of honors sake

A man may seem genteel but not be for real

If the things he does are to make himself feel

As though he is better than all the rest

By following some archaic rules not felt in his breast

A true gentle man thinks not too much of himself

For he is concerned with others and how he may help

His life is one of service no matter what level

He does not puff with pride over things he has bettered

Humility and truth reside in his chest

In place of superior thoughts of his quest to be best

Should a woman find a gentle man

Who offers his heart and asks for her hand

She is wise to value the tender and thoughtful

Passing over those with merely sensual bravado

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  1. LetterzToNoOne said:

    Very nice!

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