It’s No Fairy Tale

It’s no fairy tale, this Kingdom,

This hero is not make believe

This reality, this life we live

No melodramatic play,

With knights or gallant regents costumed on a stage.

“Tis no tale of fiction, woven on a page,

With unwritten rules not understood that cause the actors pain.

It’s not merely a Historic Epic or a dangerous mystery

With sweeping vistas crossing generations

With so many storylines you may lose position

The action and adventure are not meant to horrify,

Or speak in tones that make one groan or stupefy.

The plot is uncomplicated, with a main Protagonist

A Hero so perfect, so patient, He truly cannot be missed.

Amidst the many sub-plots the enemies of the Realm,

Seek to steal the thunder

Of the only One who can truly fill with wonder.

The Hero he is clothed in mystery, that is true,

Yet He chooses to reveal Himself to those who yield to His pursuit.

He is a lover so convincing in his  multitude of affections

No one could ever match His tender acts of sacrifice and passion.

He meets the needs of His love, even those unseen

He fends off every imposter, exposes every lying scheme

He understands all feeling and so empathizes

His  magnificent strength is matched by His kind and  brilliant mind

This is the real love story, the true epic mystery

It holds the ancient history and the secrets that we need

Flled with adventure and drama and the things in which we long to believe

The questions we want answered are all layered in the series

The ending and new beginning are even thrown in the bonus features.


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