The Call to Community

I love this song by Michael Card with it’s line:

“The call is to community

The impoverished power that sets the soul free

In humilty to take the vow

That day after day we must take up the Basin and the Towel”

Community can be a hard thing  to come by these days, many of us live in some measure of isolation in one way or another, although communication devices have  made community in some forms, more possible than ever. Yet often the face to face intimacy of taking a meal together in one another’s homes is lost, overlooked in the hubbub of life.

The call to sacrifice of our time, resources and energy, all which can seem at premium these days, this is where the rubber meets the road in terms of community building. Being willing to serve, to give, to take up that basin and towel are the calls of community that sometimes we fail to heed. When we do pick them up, the results are amazing when looked at over an extended time frame. Our investments in community life may not be felt immediately, often the seeds must be sown and grown over a long gestation.

Having moved about a good bit, I understand the role of the outsider fairly well  and it has often been incumbent upon me and my family to build our own community through aggressive outreach and scattering many seeds in varying soils in order to reap a harvest of friends. Sometimes in the process, we can be weary and lonely in our serving and giving and pouring out, yet we must continue in order to build that which is so worthy, not only for ourselves but for those that we are sown amongst.

Practice Hospitality, it is then you will become good at it.



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